Our Staff

An engineering firm in Wairarapa region that builds success.

We are Wairarapa’s BOC distributors and have a fully stocked retail store for your general engineering and welding needs.

Qualified & Experienced Professionals

Progressive Engineering employs skilled tradesman, fully qualified professionals, and a staff of 16. We focus on recruiting excellent staff & promote apprenticeship opportunities.

We provide a safe and happy work environment with a team of committed and enthusiastic staff, dedicated to satisfying our customers.

  • Director: Mark Hullena - mark@peco2004.co.nz
  • Manager: Peter Bull - pete@peco2004.co.nz
  • Accounts & Retail: Brooke Senior - brooke@peco2004.co.nz
  • Retail & Orders: Dani Gray - dani@peco2004.co.nz
  • BOC Handler: Cheryl - cheryl@peco2004.co.nz
  • Admin & Finance: Viv Hullena - viv@peco2004.co.nz

Our Promise

Progressive Engineering Co Ltd provides you with excellence in engineering services in the Wairarapa region. Quality is what customers have come to expect from our Team. Our commitment to high standards and workmanship is paramount. We undertake a formal assurance process which is driven from the management down.

You can rely on us to provide solutions that get results!